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July 2003

And here we have the Bill Simons (3rd from right) crew from July 24, showing some of their fine catch of rockfish, croakers, and spot.
And here's a group from Valcourt, led by Bruce Lapham (4th from left), who caught their limits of stripers on July 23.
And here we have the Calvin Young crew from July 22, following a fish-catching afternoon of fun.

On July 21 we teamed up with Bounty Hunter Charters to take two boatloads of teenagers from Anne Arundel County's Quiet Waters Day Camp to Saint Michaels from Annapolis.  For more photos of the trip, click here.

Here's Captain Drew with one of the Dock Girls at Annapolis City Marina...


Here's a crew from Ameritel, led by Bill Waters (2nd from left, standing), after catching a bunch of rockfish on July 19.
Alvin Hatcher and crew return to catch just a few more fish...  From left to right, that's Jack, Phyllis, Alvin, and Laura.
Here's a crew from the Traveler's Group on July 20, after catching their limits of stripers.
Here's a crew from A.H. Hatcher, led by Alvin Hatcher (left on cooler).  Limits of rockfish were caught by all on July 16.
Here's the Fred Gers (4th from right) crew following an afternoon of fish catching on July 15.

And here we have a crew from Northrup Grumman, part of a multi-boat trip on the afternoon of July 14.  From left to right, that's Melinda, Michelle, Ed, and John.

Here's the Kevin Planz (far left) crew from July 13, shown with part of their catch of rockfish.
Here we have a group of folks from the Professional Lawn Care Applicators Association, who were in DC to work on a community service project at Arlington National Cemetery. That's Dale Elshoff (crew chief, far left), Carl, Dave, Jerry (all from Michigan), and John from Colorado.
Here's Dale with a 39 inch striper, a very large fish for mid-July in our part of the Bay.

Here's the Wayne Scott (behind girl) crew, who are mostly from the Pittsburgh area, from July 12 after a great afternoon on the Bay catching fish.
Here we have a crew from July 12 led by Judy (3rd from left) and Ray Ham (kneeling, right), shown with part of their catch of fine stripers.

Part of the Ham crew, hamming it up...
Here's the Rick Chmar (3rd from right) crew of July 11 (7-11) after a fine day on the Bay catching rockfish, croakers and spot.
Jason took top honors for the day with this fine striper.
That spot was over 13 inches!!
Here's the Dwayne Coryell crew from July 10, after a breezy afternoon on the Bay catching rockfish and blues.

Here's one of the crew members from the Shawn Brooks charter, shown with a huge croaker caught July 6.

Here's a crew from North Bay Distributors, led by Mike Fox (far left) on their way back from a fine afternoon of fishing on the Bay.

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