Ordering 8 x 10 Photos

All the photos displayed on the Worm's website are "optimized" for the web.  Each photo is first re-sized physically and then reduced in resolution to minimize loading time.  While the original digital photos may be about 800kb in size, they are shrunk down to perhaps 25kb by the time they are ready for the web.  If you try to enlarge any of these optimized photos, you'll soon see the picture elements (pixels) start to appear, which lowers the photo quality.  

Many visitors to our website have asked us to send them the original digital photo(s) as email attachments, accepting the fact that each file might take 15 minutes to download to their PC with a normal modem.  Now we are able to offer 8 x 10 enlargements on high quality glossy photo paper, mailed to your door.  The photos are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch glossy photo stock, just like those shown in the photo album onboard the Worm.

The first photo will cost $6 plus $2 postage and handling; additional photos will cost $3 each in the same shipment, whether for the same or a different photo.  

How to order:  Each photo on our website has a filename.  Simply move your mouse over a photo, right-click on the photo to show its properties, and look for the filename, where you'll see, for example, "smith010202a.jpg".  Send your name and address, and photo filename(s) in an email to First Mate .  We'll include a stamped envelope in with your photos for you to return payment with cash or check.

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