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May 2005

The Ron Edmonds crew from May 28 with their bunch of small stripers.
A crew from Final Touch Refinishing Specialists, led by Willie Johnson (far right), shown with their limits of small stripers they caught on May 27.
A big crew from HITT Contracting, led by Liz Marquette (far left), after a great day fishing for stripers.  For more trip photos, click here.
Some of the male staff from the Chesapeake Beach Hotel & Spa went up against some of the female staff, who were fishing on the Rock-N-Robin.  Fortunately for us, the girls had to buy dinner when this 29 inch striper proved to be the winning fish.
The Dominic Golatta crew from May 22, shown with some fine rockfish.
Larry Lamar (right) led a crew on May 21, when some big stripers to over 40 inches were caught.
Big fish of the day...
A crew from Veritas, part of an 8 boat annual tournament, with some of their catch of rockfish on May 18.
Holly Bradley won top prize for this year's Veritas tournament with a 42 inch trophy...
Not the place to park your camper van...
The Sean Brooks (4th from left) crew of May 15, with another great catch of big stripers to 40 inches.
The Mike Stafancik crew, celebrating the pending marriage later that day of Jeremy Corby...
The last photo on the Internet of batchelor Jeremy...
The Eric Greathouse crew of May 13, with a fine catch of big stripers.
Big fish of the trip..
This year's Emerald Society crew from May 12, with their limit of trophy stripers.  What goes on the Worm stays on the Worm...

The Dick Smith (right) crew from May 11, shown with some big stripers.  From left to right, that's Colin, Steve, Mark, Frank, Harry, and Big Dick.

The hardest he's worked this spring...
The Mike Miller (3rd from left) crew from May 11.
A couple kids spotted loitering along the Rod-N-Reel dock...
Ray Preston's crew from May 10 with a fine catch of big stripers.
A crew from Eklof & Associates after catching their limits of stripers on May 09.
The Mike Riley (3rd from left) crew from May 8 with their limit catch of trophies.
The Matriciani Co. crew from May 7, shown with their catch of trophy stripers.  Crew chief was Mike Grybos (front, kneeling).
Both fish were over 40 inches...
A boatload of beauties spotted plying the Bay waters off Chesapeake Beach...
A big crew (17) from MDP Inc., who caught their limit of big stripers on May 6.
A crew from Delta Utility Services, led by Jim Scalise, who fished aboard the Worm on May 5.
Big fish of the trip...
The Wallworks Inc. crew from May 5 with their limit catch of trophy stripers.
Big fish of the day...
A menhaden, snagged by one of our baits.  How could the big stripers resist?
A big crew from Procter & Gamble, led by Dave Ritterpusch, who fished with us on May 4.
Big fish of the day, 45 inches...
A crew from New Penn Transport, led by Brian Allen (left) with their limit catch of big fish.
A crew from K & M Contracting with some of their catch from May 3.
The Greg Parks (3rd from right) crew with a great catch of trophy stripers.
The Lou Colletti (right) crew from May 2 with some big stripers.
Big fish of the day...
The Mike Fox (center, grey) crew with another fine catch of big stripers.

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