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May 2001

Brooks052801.jpg (21725 bytes) As the end of May approaches, big croakers have arrived in force on the Gooses for the evening bite.  Limits have been common, and some of them are 18" in length!  Here's Sean Brooks and Everett Collins with a pair of fine croakers.
Kwiatkowski052701.jpg (19613 bytes) And here's Kerri Kwiatkowski with a 19" monster croaker, one of many caught as dark descended on the evening of May 27.
Worm052101.jpg (18020 bytes) Look, is that a croaker?   Could they be back?  Well, yes and no.  Some are being caught here and there along the Western Shore and Captain Drew knows where to find them farther down the Bay.  Sometime real soon they will be accessible not far away, and we'll be there to greet them.
McCrea050901b.jpg (28210 bytes) Art McCrea and crew caught their limit of rockfish on May 9, which was a beautiful day to be out on the Bay.  Our largest fish of the season, nearly 40 lbs., was caught by Dave (front), backed up by Rick (left), Scott, Fred, Art, and Hazen.  Good catch guys!
McCrea050901a.jpg (16757 bytes) Here's Dave with a real trophy, pushing the scales to nearly 40 lbs!
Augie050801.jpg (25099 bytes) And here we have Augie (2nd from left) and crew from Frederick, almost in West Va.
Unkn050701.jpg (25865 bytes) And the Ron Crabbe crew with their limit...
Brown050401a.jpg (20875 bytes) Can you say "money fish"?  The first day of the Rod-N-Reel Tournament was Friday May 4, and a good day it was for the Duke Brown crew!  Shown at left is Steve Brown with an $800 rockfish!  Actually, Steve's fish placed 4th on Friday and was a "long part" (46 3/4") of 2nd place in the "Big Inch" (add lengths of your 3 longest fish).   Congratulations guys!
Brown050401b.jpg (28706 bytes) Here's the whole crew, behind Steve (in front) from left to right, that's Dean, Andre, Allen, Duke, Donald, and Wayne.   This crew caught 29 of 30 fish, only one of which was sub-legal.  They know how to catch the big ones.
Brown050401c.jpg (19177 bytes) And here's our Captain, accepting awards from Friday for 4th place biggest fish, and 2nd place in the Big Inch category.  
Smith050301b.jpg (26180 bytes) From May 3rd we have the Steve Smith (far right) crew, including from left to right,  Keith Kaufmann (former Managing Editor of the Mid-Atlantic Edition of the Fisherman Magazine), Pete, Colin, Keith, Harry, and Steve.  Nice catch guys!
Smith050301a.jpg (18814 bytes) Here's Keith Kaufmann with a nice 39 inch trophy rockfish.
Hugg050201a.jpg (21610 bytes) And here we have the Louie Hugg crew with their limit catch from May 2nd.  From left to right, that's Gary, Mike, Anthony, Louie, Eric, and Joe.
Hugg050201b.jpg (23398 bytes) Here's Louie Hugg with a beautiful 40 inch trophy rockfish.
Gunkel050101a.jpg (25788 bytes) And here we have the Bob Gunkel (2nd from left, standing) crew of May 1st with their limit catch of trophy rockfish.   From left to right standing, that's Jack, Bob, Larry, and Joe, behind (left to right) Dwayne and Jerry.  For more crew photos, click here.

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