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December 2001

Here we have a crew from the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), who fished with us on December 29.  From left to right, that's Harley, Rick, Joe, Sean, Paul, Mark Hilton (crew chief), Eddie, and Tim (Patrick not shown).  A good time was had by all, as we caught rockfish to 40 inches.  Nice catch guys!
And here is Joseph Fox, PVA National President, with a nice 38 inch trophy striper.  Joe served with the 1st Battalion 26th Marines in Vietnam, where he was injured in 1968 and later received the Purple Heart.  For more information about the Paralyzed Veterans of America, visit their website at www.pva.org .
And Rick Glotfelty with a 34 inch rockfish...
And Harley Thomas with a 40 inch striper, top fish of the day, which took a bait on a roof rod set way back ...
And here's a member of the Rob Thompson crew of December 28 with a beautiful rockfish of over 40 inches.
And yet another trophy of over 40 inches...
Here's the Craig Walrath crew from December 26 with some huge stripers to 48 inches. From left to right, that's Craig Greene, Steve Gozelanczyk, Craig, and Mike Walrath. 
And here's Craig Walrath with a 48 inch trophy rockfish.
And here's the Bill Sabo crew from December 20 with a great catch of big stripers, the largest of which stretched the tape to 48.5 inches and weighed 48 pounds.  From left to right standing, that's Mike, Bill, Ed, Mike, and in front that's Dave and Jordan (Jack not shown). 
And here is Mike Sullivan with the 48 pounder, what a trophy!
The calendar says December 16, but the weather continues to be more like early fall.  Here's Kelly, part of the Mike Fox crew, with a beautiful rockfish she caught a few miles below Smith Point.
More Fox crew members -- here we have Andrea and Mike.  Andrea had the top fish, which stretched the tape to 42 inches.
And here's Chuck with another fine rockfish.
And finally Chuck's son Bud with one of the limits of stripers they caught in Virginia waters.
And here we have part of the Kevin King (not shown) crew from December 14, with some of their limits of rockfish to 43 inches.  From left to right, that's Joe, Lee, and Stan.
And the Foxman returns to hunt again for trophy rockfish.  Although Mike didn't catch the big one this trip, Sam (far left) had one of 46 inches.  To Sam's right, that's Mike, Jim, and Rick.  Although the weather wasn't fit for man nor beast, the fish were biting real good on December 9.
Here we have the Dick Smith crew from December 6.  In front, that's Dave (left) and Harry.  Standing (left to right), that's Keith, Colin, Jerry, Steve, Dick, and Pete.  For more photos of their limit catch, click here.
And here's the Fred Gers crew from December 4 with some of their limit catch of Virginia rockfish.  Left to right, that's Larry, Rick, Fred Jr., Art, Marvin, and Fred Sr.
Rick stole the show when the first rod went down, with a double dose of Virginia rockfish, the largest of which was 39.5 inches.  What a way to start a day...
And here is the Darrin Edelen crew from December 5.
The largest bluefish of the 2001 season so far goes to Dave Bowling, shown with a 13 lb. slammer.
Although Maryland's rockfish season is over, the really big ones are still moving up the Bay. Just ask Louie Hugg, who caught this 49 inch, 49 lb. trophy of a lifetime on December 1 below Smith Point, VA.  For more photos from Louie's charter on the Worm, click here.

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