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April 2004

And here we have the Green Contracting crew from April 29, led by Randy Eckley (front, 3rd from left).
A 40 inch plus beauty.
The Will Smith (2nd from right) crew of April 29 with their fine catch.
Another 40 inch trophy...
And here's the John Straughn (far right) crew from April 28 with a limit catch of big stripers.
The Scott Shawberger (2nd from left) crew of April 26 after a great day of catching big stripers.
The Greg Williams (far right) crew of April 25, shown with their limits of big rockfish.
Here we have the Otho Williams (hidden) crew from April 25 with their fine catch.
One of the Williams crew with a trophy striper.
And the Addie Hill (far left) crew from April 24 with a fine catch of trophy stripers.
Addie and Captain Drew with a fine trophy-size striper.
A bit north of her normal range, here's the Rock N Robin from Reedville, VA up here to fish the trophy season.  That's "Skibo" at the stern.
And here we have the Tim Wratten (far left) crew with a great catch of big stripers from April 24.
The youngest member of the Wratten crew, a regular on the Worm's website.
Here's a big one from the Wratten crew...
The Bill Sabo (left front) crew from April 23 with their limit of stripers to 40 inches.
Here's Bill with a mighty fine striper...
More from the Sabo crew...
Although the water's been very dirty and cold, the big rockfish are coming on strong in our area.  Here we have the Drew Payne (Captain Drew's dad) crew from April 22, shown with their limits of nice rockfish after a big meal at Harrison's.
Pete had top honors with a nice striper over 38 inches.
The Pat Gibson (2nd from right) crew caught their limits of big stripers in near record time.  What a morning.
Here we have the Duane Pickett crew from April 21, with a fine limit of big rockfish.
Bridgette took top honors with a super-sized striper, shown with her dad Duane.
Here we have the Dwayne Coryell (rear, standing) crew, who caught their limits of big rockfish on April 20.
And here we have the Hazen Wilson crew with a real fine limit of stripers to near 40 inches.  From left to right, that's Derrick, John, Rob, Fred, Hazen Sr., Rick, Art, and Hazen.
The Jack Vorsteg (center) crew had no trouble catching their limit of rockfish on April 19.
And the Sheldon Nazir crew also caught a nice batch of super stripers.
Mike took top honors today with a 43 inch monster.
And here's the Will Gustiatus (right front) crew from April 18, after a nice afternoon on the Bay.
Here we have the Bill Kellisome (right) crew on April 18, shown with a great catch including a whopper of a striper...
which was caught by John Semidey of Woodbridge, VA.  The huge striper weighed 47.5 lb. and was 48.5 inches long.
The Bob Young (4th from left) crew on Opening Day with a great catch...
The youngest member of the Young crew with a hefty rockfish.
And here's the Mike Fox (3rd from right) crew from Opening Day, shown with their limits of stripers to near 40 inches.

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