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May 2004

The John Semidey (center) crew from May 30, shown with a fine catch of summertime stripers.
The Glenda Ennen (center, seated) crew, out for a few hours on the Bay.  We went looking for drum, but to no avail.
Part of the Addie Hill (not shown) crew with a 50 lb. black drum they caught on May 29.
More of Addie's crew with a fine striper of about 30 inches.
Another crew from Coakley Williams after a hard afternoon's fishing.
A crew from 84 Lumber, led by Jim Kimball (standing on cooler) with a fine catch of stripers on May 26.
And here's the Aaron Reese (right) crew of May 23, shown with our first large black drum of the 2004 season.  Trey Reese, 9 years old (holding up the tail), caught the big fish, which weighed in at 60.5 lb. and 47 inches.
After what seemed to be at least 10 minutes, the big fish finally came up and turned back towards the stern...
Then into the net.
The Robert Bierman (2nd from right) crew of May 22, shown with their rockfish and another small black drum.
These little guys still put up a good struggle.
Thank you, Captain...
And here's the Tom O'Brien (front, kneeling) crew, shown with some of their rockfish, some croakers, and a small black drum they caught on May 20.
Here we have a crew from Striker Construction, part of a multi-boat trip on May 19.
And catching rockfish, we went looking for black drum and on our first set we caught one, first of the season.
The Lee King (2nd from left) crew with some of their rockfish they caught on May 19.
The Joel Bratman (2nd from left) crew after a great afternoon on the Bay, catching fish and eating cake...
The Bratmans surprised everyone with this beautiful cake, complete with an edible photo of the Worm inside the lifering.  Quite tasty too!
And here we have a crew from HITT Contracting, shown with their fine catch of stripers they caught on May 14.
The Bob Nash (5th from left) crew from May 14 with a big bunch of trophy stripers.
Another Curtis Stonestreet (not present) crew from May 13 with a fine catch of big stripers.
The Fred Gers (left rear) crew from May 12, shown with their limit of big stripers to 40 inches.
Here we have the Steve Zimmerman (2nd from left) crew from May 12 with a fine catch of stripers.
The Kim Morgan (rear, standing) crew with a great catch of stripers on Mother's Day.
Kim's dad John Wilkins with a 42 inch monster striper.  For more photos of the Morgan trip, click here.
The David Saterfield (far left) crew from May 8, shown with a good catch of stripers to over 40 inches.
Bob had top honors for the trip with a 43 inch beauty.
Members of the Towson crew from May 8 with one of the big stripers after a tough day of fishing.
Melissa, cranking on a big one.
Finally the big fish gave up...
"Squirrel" with a pair of big stripers.
After a hard day's fishing ...
The Curtis Stonestreet (not present) crew with a fine catch of stripers.
The Robbie Thompson crew from May 6 with lots of big stripers.
The Buddy Duvall (see below) crew from May 6, shown with a big bunch of trophy-sized rockfish to over 40 inches.
Buddy and sons with one of the big ones.
Travis struggles to hold up a real trophy.
The Michael Olds (far left) crew from May 5, shown with a great catch of big rockfish.
Venus with a big one!
The Brian Allen crew with their limit of big stripers they caught on May 4.

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