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July 2004

Now that's a mess of white perch and spot!
Here's the largest bluefish we've caught in years -- 11 1/2 pounds, caught on a surgical hose while trolling July 29 on a day when most of the blues were 3 pounds or less.
Another crew from 84 Lumber, shown with some of their stripers they caught on July 28.
Largest fish of the day...
And here we have part of the Koons Toyota 2-boat crew, shown with some mighty fine stripers for summertime.
More of the Koons Toyota crew...
The True Green crew from July 24, shown with some of their fine rockfish.
Here's the crew from the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, led by Bruce Matthews (see below), out for an afternoon of striper fishing on July 23.
Mike, Kirk, and Bruce (right) with some of the bigger rockfish of the day.
Here's Bruce, whipping the water down near the Power Plant.  For more photos of the RBFF crew, click here.
Captain Robin with a 37" trophy-size striper she caught July 22.
Captain "Worm", with the first legal flounder of the season.  We just couldn't find very many of these flatties to make targeting them worthwhile.
And here we have the Frank Kenney (far right) crew from July 18, shown with another fine catch of rockfish to 35 inches.
Here we have the Keith Sumner (kneeling) crew from July 15, shown with some of their fine catch of stripers to 36.5 inches.
Top fish of the day ...
Here's a group from Valcourt Building Services, shown with some big stripers to 34 inches.  Amber (far right) took top honors for the day.
Here we have part of the Miles Chidell (not shown) crew from July 12, with some of the nice stripers they caught.
Here's the Hazen Wilson (far right) crew, shown with a great catch of large stripers, considering that it's mid-July...
Here's Connie, who took big fish honors for the day (again...)
A fine kettle of fish...
Another Judy and Ray Ham crew from July 10, after catching a fine bunch of stripers.
Ladies from the Paralyzed Veterans of America, following an afternoon of fishing and a dinner trip to Harrison's.
Here we have crews from Forest Hill Contracting and Grimmell Excavating Contractors after a great day catching rockfish on the Bay July 9.
One of the better rockfish caught by the above crews.
No, it's not a jellyfish.  This is what happens when you try to take fireworks photos with a shutter spped that's too low...
Part of the Ray Ham crew, out to watch the Chesapeake Beach fireworks show on July 3.
That's Ray Ham on the right.
A couple of young cuties out to watch the fireworks.

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