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July 1999

Dysona.jpg (8495 bytes) And here we have a couple members of the Dyson party from the evening of July 31 with one of the many croaker they caught.
Fieldsa.jpg (9677 bytes) Here we have Al Fields with one of the nicer rockfish he and his crew caught on the "Worm" July 31.
Taylora.jpg (10919 bytes) The bottom fishing for croaker continues to yield some impressive catches. Here's Victor Graham, one of the Taylor party, with a nice double header on croaker.
  Scott Miller (far right) and crew joined us July 30 for a day of fishing for stripers and blues. That's Tony in the middle with a 32 inch rockfish.
Fox0724a.jpg (11540 bytes) Here's one of the Mike Fox crew with a hefty double on croaker caught late in the afternoon July 24 over near the Gooses.
Coryela.jpg (15622 bytes) Dwayne Coryel (2nd from right) and crew fished with us July 24 for bluefish and then some flounder along the eastern channel edge.
Gers0724a.jpg (13759 bytes) On July 22 we had the pleasure of fishing with the Fred Gers party. From left to right, that's Tom, Art, Rick, Larry, Fred Gers Sr. and Fred with a nice bunch of flounder caught along an edge near James Island.
Gers10724a.jpg (10020 bytes) Here's a better shot of Fred Sr. with a beautiful 22 inch flattie.
  Paul Provance and crew went bottom fishing on the "Worm" July 21 when they caught a bunch of flounder and spot.
Photos2001/Frankl1a.jpg (9676 bytes) Morry Frankel, who fished with us a few weeks ago, returned from Pittsburgh with another crew July 19 for another Bay fishing expedition. Here's a 20 inch flounder that stayed for dinner.
Photos2001/Frankl2a.jpg (16900 bytes) Here's the Frankel crew, from left to right; Tom, Morry, Josh (kneeling), Mike, and Charlie.
Wkleya.jpg (12274 bytes) Here's Lance Weakley with a double on flounder caught July 17 over near James Island. Lance and his crew later slayed the croaker and trout as the sun set.
Paynea.jpg (11387 bytes) There are days when you just have to lend a hand and show your crew that there really are fish under the boat. Such was the case July 16 when Captain Drew showed them how with a nice 26 inch sea trout caught late in the afternoon while fishing a piece of soft crab.
Lucasa.jpg (15361 bytes) Guess where this photo was taken. OK, that's the "Gas Dock" off Cove Point behind Leonard Weakley with a nice 32 inch rockfish caught July 11.
Shaefa.jpg (12588 bytes) Here's one of the Dale Schaeffer party of July 11 with a 33 inch rockfish caught during some nasty weather caused by a passing cold front.
Uter1a.jpg (11383 bytes) John Morris Sr., fishing with the Tom Utermohl party, is shown with one of a number of nice rockfish caught on July 11.
Uter2a.jpg (13325 bytes) And now Kathleen with a 34 inch rockfish, her largest ever -- noteworthy because the last time she fished on the Worm she caught her largest rock.
Uter3a.jpg (10988 bytes) Not to be outdone, Tom Utermohl's rockfish stretched the tape to 37 inches. This fish took a white parachute/9 inch clear shad bait behind an umbrella.
Uter4a.jpg (10601 bytes) Here's Pat Utermohl with her first legal rockfish.
Uter5a.jpg (10818 bytes) And finally, John Morris is shown with one of the days' fine catch as Captain Drew resets one of the rods.
Mayor1a.jpg (16372 bytes) Here we have the Ed Mayor crew of July 10 with some of their rockfish limits to 34 inches.
Mayor3a.jpg (8209 bytes) And here's Ed Mayor with another fine rockfish that took a large bucktail trimmed with a 6 inch white shad.
Mayor2a.jpg (11917 bytes) Dave Mecklenburg, part of the Ed Mayor crew, is shown with his 34 inch rockfish, a real nice catch for this time of the season.
MunroS1a.jpg (14342 bytes) There's a place on Tilghman's Island called Harrison's, and here are some of Captain Drew's friends on their way to dinner on the afternoon of July 9.
MunroS2a.jpg (21080 bytes) Here's more of the dinner crew inside Harrison's, with part of the seafood buffet in the background. Call Captain Drew if you'd like to arrange a similar trip, or one combined with some evening fishing.
Fireworka.jpg (4365 bytes) No need to adjust your monitor. This is just a reminder that fireworks are part of the Independence Day celebration in Chesapeake Beach at the Rod-N-Reel.
Frankela.jpg (10454 bytes) Morry Frankel of Pittsburgh was fishing on the "Worm" July 4 when he caught his largest-ever rockfish, an 18 pounder. Congratulations Morry!
Hughesa.jpg (10583 bytes) July 3 was another great bottom fishing trip near the Gooses. Here's Tammy Wertz of the Steve Hughes party with a "tiderunner" trout that stretched the tape to 29 inches! The croaker fishing was also excellent.
  You never know what to expect when you're out on the Bay, and here's an example -- two young men atop the green can off Flag Harbor, waving their paddles to attract help. The "Worm" pulled up alongside, righted the canoe, passed them a bucket and stood by until the craft was seaworthy. When last seen, both were in the canoe paddling back towards shore.
Herberta.jpg (14754 bytes) Here we have the Butch Herbert party with their limits of rockfish to 34 inches, caught July 3.
Poundsa.jpg (11084 bytes) Some evening trips start off slowly, as the croaker bite sometimes waits until the sun dips below the western horizon. Not so on July 2, when Dave Pounds brought in the first croaker of the afternoon, a 20 inch horse croaker. What a way to start!

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