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November 1999

Fox11282a.jpg (17185 bytes) Mike Fox (second from left) just can't get in enough fishing for big rockfish.  From left to right, that's Aaron (Mike's son), Mike, Asher, Jeff, Cliff, and Mike Number 2.  Rockfish to 41 inches were caught November 28 by the Fox crew while "riding the Worm".
Fox11281a.jpg (12824 bytes) Here's a closeup of Asher with his monster rock...
Fox11283a.jpg (15418 bytes) And the "Fox Man" with his 40 incher.
Simounet1128a.jpg (14711 bytes) We didn't think he'd mind, so we've included a photo of Marty Simounet, Captain of the charter boat Kyran Lynn, with a beautiful 18.5 lb. slammer blue caught by members of his crew on November 28 near Point Lookout.  We all hope to see more of these great fighters in the coming weeks.
Ansel11211a.jpg (13652 bytes) The fishing near Point Lookout continues to be awesome.  Here's Chris Ansel and crew with a 44 inch monster rockfish, caught on November 21 with Captain Drew on the "Worm".
Fox11213a.jpg (14734 bytes) Here's Mike Fox with a beautiful big rockfish, caught on November 21.
Fox11212a.jpg (12798 bytes) And here's John, a member of the Fox crew, with a 43 incher.
Fox11211a.jpg (12751 bytes) And Mike, also fishing with the Fox crew, with a pair of 36 inch rockfish caught on a double parachute rig after a twenty minute battle.
Fox11214a.jpg (13908 bytes) And finally, here's Judy of the Fox crew with one of her nice rockfish.  The grade of fish is nothing short of outstanding.
Balsamo11203a.jpg (11884 bytes) And from November 20 here we have Mark Balsamo and a 45 inch monster rockfish, which was one of six fish hooked up simultaneously!  Talk about dancing in the cockpit, with rods going over and under and around other rods.
Balsamo11201a.jpg (11911 bytes) Here's Bob of the Balsamo crew ...
Balsamo11202a.jpg (11287 bytes) And another Bob of the Balsamo crew ...
Balsamo11204a.jpg (13255 bytes) And Mark again with Chuck and another 40 inch plus fish ...
Balsamo11205a.jpg (18639 bytes) And finally, the entire Balsamo crew with a load of big rockfish.
Easterday11191a.jpg (16751 bytes) Here we have the Mike Easterday (second from left) crew of November 19 with their limits of real fine rockfish.
Lucas11141a.jpg (11264 bytes) And here's John Lucas and crew with one of their 38 inch rockies ...
Lucas11142a.jpg (10122 bytes) And another member of John's crew with a moose of a rockfish.
Coates11132a.jpg (14594 bytes) We promised Russell Coates (far left) some big rockfish and Captain Drew delivered on November 13.  Standing, that's Frank and Bill, with Juliet, Jarnice, and Leo kneeling.
Coates11131a.jpg (13027 bytes) Here's a closeup of Russell with one of his 38 inch rockfish.
Coates11133a.jpg (11671 bytes) And Frank with his largest ever rockfish, a 40 inch beauty.
Coates11134a.jpg (12579 bytes) And Jarnice with two more 36 inch trophies ...
Coates11135a.jpg (12776 bytes) And Bill with a nice pair of typical "bucketheads" ...
Coulombe11121a.jpg (12622 bytes) Here's Harry Coulombe and his 40 inch rockfish, caught on the "Worm" November 12 off Point Lookout.
Wallace11112a.jpg (11823 bytes) Even with his eyes closed (again), we still recognize Jeff Wallace with one of his big rockfish from November 11.
Wallace11111a.jpg (12152 bytes) Here's Dwight of the Wallace crew with another beautiful rockfish.
Wallace11113a.jpg (11170 bytes) And here's Leroy from Jeff's crew with one of his large rockfish.
Paolucci5a.jpg (13944 bytes) Wow!  The "Worm" started off November fishing out of Point Lookout Marina in a big way.  Shown with Alex Paolucci and her largest rockfish ever is our Captain with a 45 inch, 42 pound whopper.
Paolucci4a.jpg (8883 bytes) Here's Alex cranking for all she's worth on the other end of that 45 inch trophy.  She refused the fighting belt and other offers of assistance.  Congratulations Alex!
Paolucci6a.jpg (18582 bytes) It seems hard to believe, but the smallest of these fish was 32 inches; others caught by the Paolucci crew of November 6 include 39, 42, and the 45 incher.
Paolucci1a.jpg (13263 bytes) Here's Chuck Gray on the left and Nordie with a couple of rockfish in the mid-30 inch class, both of which were their largest ever.
Paolucci2a.jpg (12608 bytes) And here's Mike Herbert, who caught rockfish up to 42 inches, with one of his fine rockfish.
Paolucci3a.jpg (10414 bytes) Chuck's largest was bested again when he landed this 39 inch beauty.  These quality fish all took big baits trimmed with 9 inch shad.  But then again, when you're after big fish, use big baits.

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