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September 1999

Christ09261a.jpg (15492 bytes) Here's the Bob Christ (center) crew from September 26 with part of their mixed catch of rockfish, bluefish, and some flounder to 18 inches.  Surface action continues to be all but non-existent over much of the mid-Bay area from Sharps Island Flats south to the Patuxent River mouth.
Rhodes09251a.jpg (15840 bytes) And here we have the Bobby Rhodes (center, standing) crew taking a break on a beautiful late-September afternoon.  From left to right, that's Bev, Danny, Cindy, Bobby, Gene, and Joe.  Although rockfish eluded us on this trip, everyone had fun with a cooler full of bluefish to 6 pounds.
Rhodes09252a.jpg (14212 bytes) Here's the Captain demonstrating his electronics to Bobby as Cindy looks on, or maybe it's the other way around ...
Floyd01a.jpg (9403 bytes) If you're wondering what this has to do with fishing, this is a photo from north of the Fishing Creek jetty on the afternoon of September 16 when Hurricane Floyd was passing by Atlantic City, NJ.  I value my camera more than a few more photos from earlier in the day when the wind was blowing harder and the rain was pouring steadily.
Frankel0912a.jpg (13582 bytes) Drew, who was fishing with the Morry Frankel party on September 12, is shown here with one of the nicer bluefish they caught on hose eels east of the channel.
Fox0911a.jpg (12796 bytes) Here's Alex of the Mike Fox crew of September 11 with a nice 34 inch rockfish that just had to have a chartreuse parachute/9 inch white shad bait fished 200 feet back.
Gray01a.jpg (14571 bytes) Here we have the Gray family crew with a bunch of bluefish and some rockfish they caught on the afternoon of September 10, before catching some croaker and more bluefish while bottom fishing on the Gooses after the sun went down.
Gray02a.jpg (9572 bytes) And here's Kathy of the Gray party with an 18 inch croaker.  While not many were caught that night, all of them were a good grade.  More blues and a few trout rounded out the evening's catch.

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