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November 2000

Fox1126001a.jpg (16031 bytes) Fishing for big stripers continues to produce some trophy-sized beauties, like the 40 inch whopper shown here.  That's Mike Fox, crew leader on November 26, when the fog, drizzle and wind kept many boats in the harbor.
Fox1126002a.jpg (19696 bytes) Here's Judy, one of the Fox crew, with one of her rockfish that stretched the tape to more than 38 inches.
Reynolds1125001a.jpg (20791 bytes) And here's the Dave Reynolds crew from the afternoon of November 25 with some of their catch of trophies to more than 40 inches.  From left to right, that's Scott, Jerry, Jim, Kenny, George, and Dave.
Reynolds1125002a.jpg (15646 bytes) Here's Scott with his 40 inch rockfish ...
Reynolds1125003a.jpg (16416 bytes) And Kenny with his 42 inch monster.
Smith112500.jpg (22591 bytes) Here's the Will Smith (second from right) crew from the morning of November 25 with some of their fine catch of rockfish to 39 inches.
Pfau1124001a.jpg (22269 bytes) And here we have the Dave Pfau crew with some of their catch from November 24.
Pfau1124002a.jpg (21454 bytes) Here's one happy member of Dave's crew with the catch of the day.
Utermohl111900.jpg (27039 bytes) The big rockfish of November are becoming even more numerous, as shown by the Tom Utermohl crew of November 19 with their catch to 41 inches.  From left to right, that's Jim, Joe, Andy, Gus (kneeling), Tom, and Dan.  Some nice sea trout to 24 inches were also put in the cooler.
Balsamo1118001a.jpg (25067 bytes) And here's the Mark Balsamo (left) crew from November 18 with their catch of big rockfish to 42 inches.  Next to Mark, that's Jerry (front), Bob, Bob, Rick, and Chuck. 
Balsamo1118002a.jpg (20121 bytes) Here's Bob with his 42 incher, largest of the day.
Balsamo1118003a.jpg (16987 bytes) And Rick with a real nice 39 inch trophy.
Gierhart1117001b.jpg (27589 bytes) And here's the Bob Gierhart crew from November 17 with their catch of rockfish.  From left to right, that's Frank, Bob, Bob Sr., Rick, Jim, and Gary.  Yes, both Bob and Rick fished two days back to back on the Worm.
Gierhart1117001a.jpg (21287 bytes) With his arms full of "bubba rockfish", here's Gary with a 40 pound 44 inch brute.
Fox1112001a.jpg (24282 bytes) Big fish are becoming more numerous.  Here we have Mike the "Fox Man" (far left) with Ed, Eugene, Sanford, and Larry, and a real good catch of trophy-sized rockfish to 42 inches, caught November 12, 2000.
Fox1112002a.jpg (16628 bytes) Here's Sanford with his 42 inch whopper, largest of the day.
Fox1112003a.jpg (16241 bytes) And Mike came in a close second with a fine 40 inch rockie.
Duvall1111002a.jpg (27138 bytes) Here's Buddy Duvall (far right) and his crew from November 11 with some of their fine catch of big rockfish to 40 inches.   From left to right, that's Dane, Jeff, Beau, Debbie, Travis, and Buddy.
Duvall1111001a.jpg (19484 bytes) Here's Jeff with his 30 pound trophy.
Coates111000.jpg (26217 bytes) And here's the Russell Coates crew of November 10 with some of their catch of large rockfish.  From left to right, that's Frank, Bill, Russell, Juliet, and Otis.  Good catch guys!
Deinlein110300.jpg (21983 bytes) The "Worm" is now fishing out of Point Lookout Marina for the remainder of the 2000 fishing season.   During early November we fish the area around the Potomac River mouth to intercept large rockfish.  Shown here is the first one of our fall season, a 43 inch trophy caught by a member of the Frank Deinlein crew of November 3.  While the numbers are below normal, the quality is very good.

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