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November 2003

Here we have the Mike Fox (3rd from right) crew shown with some mighty fine rockfish they caught on November 30.
Here's John Straughn (left) and friends Mike and Glen, shown with a 44 and 47 inch trophy stripers they caught on November 24.  For more photos, click here.
And here's the Eric Dew (2nd from left, rear) crew with some of their rockfish to 46 inches.  For more photos from this trip, click here.
Here we have the Ken Grimm (2nd from left) crew of November 22, with some of their rockfish to over 40 inches.
Two 40 inch plus whoppers.
Captain Drew with Ken and other family members.
And here's the Rich Dunn (2nd from right) crew of November 21, shown with some mighty fine rockfish.
Here we have the Tom Utermohl (far right) crew from November 16 with some of their fine catch of big rockfish.
And here's a crew from North Bay Distributors, led by Mike Fox (3rd from left), who fished on the Worm November 08.
Here's Linda and Greg with one of the smaller rockfish.
Here we have a couple happy young anglers of the Mike Fox crew, shown with their trophy rockfish.
And the Paralyzed Veterans of America crew came back for another shot at big fall stripers on November 7.  That's Joe Fox, PVA National President, 2nd from left.
The big fish are starting to arrive in the mid-Bay area.  Here we have the Frances Olds crew of November 5, shown with a great catch of big stripers they caught while trolling on the Worm.
Mike caught this one, a 48 1/2 inch whopper that weighed in at 45 pounds!
Frances struggled with hers, a mere 45 inch trophy...
And here's Venus with a more typical striper.
Here we have the Susan and Jack Gorman crew with a great catch of stripers on November 3.  From left to right, that's Kevin, Kemp, Jack, Susan, and Annie.  Rose is caught in the shadows behind Kemp.
Susan took top honors for the day with a huge 45 inch trophy.
Here's Annie with a 39 inch striper...
And here's Kemp with a 41 inch monster...
Here we have a crew from Frederick P. Winner led by Brian Adams (left rear), shown with part of their fine catch of stripers they caught on November 2.  Today's crew included Brian, Rob, Nick, Joe, Jimmy, Scott, Ken, and Jeff.

Nick caught the big fish of the day, a 44 inch trophy rockfish.

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