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December 2000

Sherry120100a.jpg (21516 bytes) It's hard to believe that our striper fishing is over, and that fishing in the latter days of December was cold, just like the water.  We'd like to thank Sherry and the other members of the Point Lookout Marina staff for help these last two months.  But the "Worm" is now back at the Rod-N-Reel, tied in her slip, for a well-deserved winter nap.
Fox1210004a.jpg (24457 bytes) December weather continues to prove challenging, and December 10 was no exception -- temperature in the upper 30s and steady rain, but at least the waves were only 2 footers.  Here's the Mike Fox crew with some of their catch to 42 inches.  From left to right, that's the Fox Man, Jeff, Richard, Dave, and Mike.
Fox1210001a.jpg (15575 bytes) Here's Jeff with his 42 inch trophy, largest of the day.
Fox1210002a.jpg (14420 bytes) And the Fox Man, not far behind with a 39 inch rockfish.  Mike had 40 inch or better fish on his two previous trips with us this fall, and missed the 40 inch "hat trick" by an inch.
Fox1210003a.jpg (16166 bytes) And the other Mike crew member with his largest of the day, a 38 incher.
Peyton120900.jpg (18904 bytes) Here's the John Peyton crew from December 9 with some of their catch to 40 inches. 
Smith120800.jpg (24061 bytes) And the Dick Smith crew of December 8 with their catch to 39 inches.  From left to right, that's Dick, John, Harry, Colin, and Phil (Steve, not shown, was off somewhere warm).
Donahower1201001a.jpg (25001 bytes) As November turns to December, the fishing for big stripers continues to be awesome, with catches like these on December 1 by the Donahower crew.  With three fish over 40 inches, it just doesn't get much better than this.  Multiple hookups were common, including a number of doubles on the same rod.  The weather has been very cold and windy, but the fishing has been red hot.
Donahower1201002a.jpg (28889 bytes) Here's a closer view of the above crew.  From left to right, that's John, Gordon, Jim, Glenn, and Dave Donahower.   Great catch guys!

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