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April - May 2000

Allen052800.jpg (20093 bytes) Memorial Day Weekend weather continues to be windy and wet.  Here's Edward Allen and son Ed with some real nice white perch, caught May 28.  Later on the croaker bite was warmer than the weather...
Coates052700.jpg (20698 bytes) Here we have Juliette and Ivory, part of the Russel Coates crew of May 27, with some fine white perch.  After warming up with about 60 perch, it was off to the croaker grounds, where Russell and crew managed to catch over 80 hardhead to 17 inches.  Considering the wind, rain, and air temperature around 60, not a bad evenng...
Utermohl0527001a.jpg (16679 bytes) Here's Tommy Utermohl, crew leader of his group on May 27, with a tagged trophy that couldn't resist a Tony spoon...
Utermohl0527002a.jpg (23064 bytes) Here's John (left) and Pat, part of Tommy's crew, with a couple keeper rockfish to 32 inches.  Both fish pulled baits off a planer board.
Sines0521001a.jpg (23860 bytes) Here's the Jerry Sines (far right) crew of May 21 with a nice keeper rockfish.  Other crew members, from left to right, include Curtis, Al, Michelle, Peg, and Denise.  While lots of smaller rockfish were caught, only one "stayed for dinner".
Sines0521002a.jpg (23737 bytes) Here's a closeup of sisters Michelle and Denise, with Captain Drew -- the thorn between two roses...
Witte0520002a.jpg (15598 bytes) Here's Robert, one member of the Greg Witte crew of May 20, with a 18"+ croaker.  If there was any doubt whether catchable numbers of these terrific fighters are here yet, we're convinced by limit catches.   The bite began a little before dark (shrimp was the hot bait) and was still going strong when we left around 10pm.
Witte0520001a.jpg (15965 bytes) Here's Larry of the same crew with another fine croaker.  That's Greg Witte in the background.
Fox052000.jpg (18634 bytes) We just had to check out reports of spot in the Choptank River mouth.  Here's Dave, Mike Fox (crew leader), and Mike looking on while the evidence is displayed.  This is May 20! 
Schwartz0519002a.jpg (23993 bytes) The Paul Schwartz (2nd from left) crew of May 19 managed to catch a couple keeper rockfish to 38 inches.  From left to right, that's Paul Sr., Paul, Greg, Rob, Jimmy, and Steve.
Schwartz0519001a.jpg (15444 bytes) Here's a closeup of Greg with his 38 inch trophy.  Fish like this are getting to be few and far between as the exodus of larger rockfish continues.
Wallace051700.jpg (21971 bytes) Here we have Dwight, one of the Jeff Wallace crew of May 17, with our first croaker of the season!  Over 100 croaker to 17 inches were caught that night in a few hours, not far east of the Gooses Bell Buoy.  Shrimp is tough to beat for bait.
Williams0514002a.jpg (23123 bytes) May 14, Mother's Day, dawned crystal clear and cool, following a blustery evening of thunderstorms.  The Otho Williams (2nd from right) crew managed four nice keepers to 40 inches.  From left to right, that's Brandon, George, George, Frankie, Otho, and Frank.
Williams0514001a.jpg (21598 bytes) Here's a closeup of Otho with his 40 inch trophy, one of the nicest fish of the week.  For more photos of the Williams charter, click here.
Cherry0513003a.jpg (22167 bytes) Here we have the Bob Cherry (2nd from left) crew of May 13 with some of their rockfish to 40 inches.  From left to right, we have Bernie, Bob, Gene, Neal, Herb, and Eddie.
Cherry0513002a.jpg (14189 bytes) Here's Bob with a 34 inch trophy...
Cherry0513001a.jpg (13726 bytes) And a closeup of Neal with a beautiful 40 incher.  This one took a white bucktail trimmed with a 9 inch white shad.
Frankel0513003a.jpg (22593 bytes) Here we have our Pittsburgh contingent of May 13, led by Morry Frankel on the left, surrounded by some of his grandchildren who had stopped by to welcome our return.  While we only had two keepers, both were over 37 inches.  From left to right after Morrey, that's Michael, Lou Jr., Joe, Lou III, and Mike ("Charge"...).
Frankel0513002a.jpg (15757 bytes) Here's a good shot of Morrey with his 37 inch trophy rockfish...
Frankel0513001a.jpg (14770 bytes) But the catch of the day went to Lou with a 40 inch whopper!
Horton0513002a.jpg (21838 bytes) And here's the crew on May 12 from Quality Electric, led by Chuck Horton on the left, with their limits of rockfish.  From left to right after Chuck, that's Bill, James, Nordi, and Mike.
Horton0513001a.jpg (15495 bytes) Here's Mike with a closeup of his trophy of nearly 40 inches.
Paolucci0507002a.jpg (22856 bytes) Here's the Alex Paolucci (2nd from left) crew of May 7 with their limits of rockfish to 42 inches.  Starting from the left, that's Chuck, Alex (behind), Shane, Mike, Chuck, and Ronney.  The weather was more like August but the fishing improved greatly compared to opening week.  The water is still murky but the 90 degree air temps seem to have stimulated the bite.
Paolucci0507001a.jpg (19168 bytes) Here's a closeup of Alex(andra) and First Mate Bob with the largest fish of the day.
Keuski0506001a.jpg (23676 bytes) On May 6 we had a crew from North Bay Distributors, Inc., led by Tim Keuski (far right).  From left to right, that's Allan, Jon, Steve, Kenny, Mike, and Tim.  A good time was had by all.
Keuski0506002a.jpg (26458 bytes) Here's a closeup of Jon, Mike and Tim with their rockfish to 40 inches.
Smith050500.jpg (23461 bytes) The Dick Smith (center) crew joined us on May 5 in pursuit of big rockfish.  That's Phil and Colin to the left of Dick, and Steve and Harry on the right.  While a good number of fish were caught, fish over 40 inches eluded us.  The water color in the channel still looks like mud and winter jellyfish plague our baits. 
Gers0502002a.jpg (24498 bytes) On May 2 the Fred Gers (2nd from right) crew joined us.  From left to right, that's Matt, Chet, Gordon, Art, Fred, and Chris, along with their limits of rockfish to 41 inches. 
Gers0502001a.jpg (14908 bytes) Art took home the prize catch of the day, a 41 inch beauty that couldn't resist a white parachute/9 inch white shad combination set back 85 feet with 16 oz.
Grimm050100.jpg (18608 bytes) Here's Ken Grimm, leader of our crew from May 1, with another fine trophy rockfish.
Jenkins043000.jpg (22458 bytes) Well, we're almost a week into the new season and fishing continues to be challenging.  With 15-25mph forecasts or heavy rains or both, you really must want to go fishing in these conditions.  From Chesapeake Beach to Cove Point at least, the water color is brown and loaded with trash.  You have to check your baits often.  Here's Mike Jenkins (far left) and crew with a couple nice rockfish taken Sunday April 30 near the PowerHouse.
Morgan042900.jpg (18941 bytes) Here we have Brian of the "Pop" Morgan crew with a nice 35 inch rockfish taken April 29.
Christ042800.jpg (18646 bytes) Friday (April 28) we had the pleasure of fishing with the Bob Christ (2nd from left) crew, shown here with their limits of rockfish to 34 inches.  This was the nicest weather day of opening week.
Reyes042700.jpg (21893 bytes) Here we have the Roy Reyes (2nd from right) of April 27, shown with some of their rockfish to 35 inches.  From left to right, that's Buck, Ruben, Harold, James, Roy, and Mel.  Rain, rain, and more rain ...
Hugg0426002.jpg (20333 bytes) On April 26 we had the Louie Hugg (far right) crew out on the Bay for a half-day trip.  Unfortunately, keepers were few and far between.
Hugg0426001.jpg (15052 bytes) Here's a closeup of Michael with a fine 30 inch rockfish.
Munro042500.jpg (13986 bytes) The wait is over!  Opening Day 2000 (April 25):  25mph winds, driving rain, 40 degree air temperatures, water the color of mud.  But off we went anyway, and here's the first rockfish of the new season, a 35 incher. 

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