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June 2000

Johnson0624001a.jpg (17381 bytes) After catching limits of rockfish on June 24, the Sheldon Johnson crew, including some of the crew members shown here, started bailing spot up to 10 inches.
Johnson0624002a.jpg (25275 bytes) While we're not big on photos of fish-filled coolers, this is one load of spot and croaker caught by the Johnson crew...
Gers0620005a.jpg (17828 bytes) And here we have Fred Gers, actually Fred III, with a beautiful 31 inch rockfish, which was chummed up on the Hill June 20.  Later on, about a dozen keeper flounder were added to the cooler.  Click here for more ...
Frankel0618005a.jpg (25680 bytes) And hailing from Pittsburgh, here's the Morry Frankel crew, appropriately on Father's Day.  From left to right, that's Morry, Tyler and Alyssa, Mike (standing), and good friends Eileen and Mike.  Oh, and Eileen caught the biggest rockfish of the day.  Click here for more ...
Pounds061700.jpg (15248 bytes) Here's a young member of the Dave Pounds crew from the evening of June 17 with a real fine yellowfin trout.
Wikert0617002a.jpg (26101 bytes) And here's the Bill Wikert (left) crew of June 17, who caught rockfish up to 32 inches while trolling the mid-Bay area.
Wikert0617001a.jpg (19019 bytes) Here's a closeup of James, who managed to catch a double header on rockfish, one 29 inches and the other 32 inches (shown).   What a thrill that was for all aboard.
Coates0616002a.jpg (19012 bytes) Here we have Russell Coates (left) and crew member Cliff with a couple real nice seatrout, caught June 16 while bottom fishing.
Coates0616001a.jpg (14017 bytes) Here's Rickey, another member of Russell's crew, with a 24 inch yellowfin.
Coates0616003a.jpg (13971 bytes) Not to be outdone, here's Jimmy with a double header on seatrout.
Reiz061500.jpg (23183 bytes) Here we have the Ira Reiz (2nd from right) crew with some of their rockfish caught June 15.  Unfortunately, the forecast of tornadoes kept us from finishing our afternoon on the Bay.
Christ0610001a.jpg (14713 bytes) Here's Lou, a member of the Robert Christ crew of June 10, with a 24 inch seatrout.  After catching limits of rockfish it was off to the croaker grounds for a few sunset hours of bottom fishing.  A good bunch of croaker to 18 inches and a dozen or so trout were caught on either shrimp or soft crab.
Christ0610002a.jpg (15385 bytes) And here's Lee with another fine yellowfin trout...
Reynolds061000.jpg (17266 bytes) One of our favorite rigs for summertime rockfish is an umbrella double-rigged with bucktails and 6 inch shad.  The leader from the umbrella arm back to the lure is about 18 inches of 80 lb. mono.  Here's a member of the Dave Reynolds crew with a double header on rockfish from June 10.
Haines0603001a.jpg (18278 bytes) The spring trophy striper season has concluded, so all those throwbacks of the last few weeks better watch out.  While most of the larger rockfish are well on their way to New England, the Dwayne Haines (2nd from left) crew caught a 32 inch beauty among near limits of smaller fish on June 3.   From left to right, that's Chris, Dwayne, Kevin, Dave, Jack, and Bruce.  Click here for more ...  
Weakley060300.jpg (24949 bytes) That's Lance Weakley (left) and one of his crew with some of the flounder they caught June 3.  Many people don't even bother fishing the mid-Bay for these tasty bottom dwellers.  All the more for us to catch ...
Boyle0602001a.jpg (35529 bytes) Here's the Tom Boyle (far right) crew of June 2 with a bunch of hefty croaker to nearly 20 inches.  Although our primary target of the day was black drum, their close cousins -- the croaker -- provided lots of fun.   Other crew members included Jim (standing) and in the front row that's Pam, Miss Kitty and Charlie of Breezy Point Fishing Center.
Boyle0602002a.jpg (29580 bytes) Here's Jim and Tom with two patch-sized croaker, both over 19 inches.  Congratulations guys!

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