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August 2000

Regis0826002a.jpg (25550 bytes) On the afternoon of August 26 we had the Al Regis crew out for rockfish and spanish mackerel.  Shown with some of their catch, (from left to right) that's Al, Juan, "Rooster", Doug, and Bob.  Happy Birthday Al!
Regis0826001a.jpg (21757 bytes) Pictured at left is the largest spot we've had on board the "Worm" this year, a 12 inch handful, which was caught by Al.   The big spot took a crab bait before a rockfish could get to it.
Montgomery082600.jpg (28941 bytes) Here we have the Pat Montgomery crew of August 26.  From left to right, that's JoAnne, Pat, Charlie, and Bob with some of their limits of rockfish and a few spanish mackerel.
Reiz082500.jpg (16574 bytes) And here's Eli, a member of the Ira Reiz crew from August 25.  Eli doubled up with a 20 inch rockfish and a 17 inch croaker.
McCrea082400.jpg (25116 bytes) And here we have three generations of Hazens, two Arts, and a Scott.  Just shout "fish on, Hazen" and stand out of the way.  Shown with some of their rockfish, mackerel, and blues, (from left to right) that's Hazen's son Hazen, Art's son Art, Hazen, Art McCrea, Hazen's grandson, and Art's son Scott.  Confused? -- not me.
Fox0819001a.jpg (19563 bytes) That's Cheryl on the left and Chris on the right with a couple fine spanish mackerel.  They were part of the Mike Fox crew of August 19. 
Fox0819002a.jpg (28478 bytes) The Fox crew consisted of Mark, Don, Clyde, Cheryl, Charlie, and Chris.  They boated more than 50 mackerel and a pile of small blues.  Small Clark's spoons trolled fast (around 6 mph) kept the small rockfish away, well, most of them anyway.
Fox0819003a.jpg (25618 bytes) We don't normally take photos of coolers full of fish, but it's OK once in awhile.  The fish with the spots are the spanish mackerel.
Lusby081800.jpg (25981 bytes) And here we have the Eric Lusby crew from the afternoon of August 18, shown with their limits of rockfish caught while chumming on the Gooses.  From left to right, that's Arthur, Sean, Eric, Rick, Tom, and Dana. 
Gibson0818002a.jpg (23878 bytes) Here's the Zeke Gibson crew of August 18 from Green Contracting, shown with part of their catch of nice rockfish to 34 inches and one nice trout.  From left to right, that's Luke, Zeke, Dave, Mike, and Steve.  We missed you Randy, maybe next time...
Gibson0818001a.jpg (18183 bytes) And this is Dave with a beautiful 36 inch rockfish, quite a trophy catch for this time of year.
Mangold081300.jpg (20696 bytes) On the afternoon of August 13 we had the Mark Mangold crew out trolling for big rockfish.  From left to right, that's Darren, Mark Mangold, Jack, Mark, and Chad with part of their catch of rockfish.
Kyles081300.jpg (26997 bytes) Sunday August 13 and the weather was simply awful -- winds around 20 mph and waves nearly 6 feet, but the Darren Kyles crew was ready to troll for big rockfish.  From left to right, that's Rock, Richard, Darren, Buddy, Steve, and Andrew with some of their rockfish to 36 inches. 
Aventino0812001a.jpg (26004 bytes) And here's the Rico Aventino crew of August 12 with part of their catch of rockfish, blues, and spanish mackerel.  That's Rico on the left, followed by Renato, Bernie, Allan, and EJ.  Good catch guys.
Aventino0812002a.jpg (16669 bytes) Here's a closeup of Allan with a beautiful spanish mackerel.
Aventino0812003a.jpg (25264 bytes) And here we have a closeup of Bernie and Rico with a couple fine rockfish.
Rapp081100.jpg (21727 bytes) Some crews just want to pursue big rockfish, even when it's mid-summer.  Here's the Jimmy Rapp crew of August 11 with part of their limit catches of rockfish to 35 inches.  From left to right, that's Reggie, Aaron, Dave, and Jimmy.  Quite an impressive catch for mid-August!
Donahower0810001a.jpg (21200 bytes) No need to adjust your monitor.  Light tackle enthusiasts love to see breaking fish, and mixed schools of blues, rockfish and now spanish mackerel can produce lots of thrills. Dave Donahower and crew were on board the Worm August 10 when Captain Drew found the water churned white by hungry predators.
Donahower0810002a.jpg (19739 bytes) Here are Dave Devlin (left) and Dave Donahower with some of the spanish mackerel they caught from schools like the one shown above.  
Bauer0806001a.jpg (18825 bytes) The weather August 6 was pretty choppy, but at least it wasn't raining in the morning.  After catching limits of rockfish while chumming at the Gooses, we went looking for trophy sized trout and here's what we found -- Shane on the left with a 25 inch beauty and Steve on the right with a 29 inch monster yellowfin.
Bauer0806002a.jpg (22914 bytes) Here's the entire Paul Bauer crew with some of their rockfish and trout.  From left to right, that's Russell, Mike, Wayne, Paul, Steve, and Shane.
Eller0805001a.jpg (25743 bytes) On August 5 we had Kevin Eller of K&M Contracting with crews spread across the "Worm" and two other boats.  Here we have, from left to right, Charlie, John, Steve, Juan, Ken, and Kevin.  All crews caught limits of rockfish and then went trolling for bluefish and seatrout.
Eller0805002a.jpg (31733 bytes) Here's the K&M Contracting crew from the "Kyran Lynn" with part of their catch.  Unfortunately, the "Never Enuff" crew eluded the camera.
Horton0804001a.jpg (26086 bytes) Here we have Chuck Horton of Quality Electric with his crew from August 4.  From left to right, that's Ed, Chuck, Eric, Earl, Mike, and John.  Limits of rockfish and a few large croaker were followed by bluefish and a few trout.
Horton0804002a.jpg (23653 bytes) Here's Eric with a nice 24 inch yellowfin trout, largest of the day.
Frankel080200.jpg (23816 bytes) Can you say "Mike, we missed you"?   On August 2 we had the Morry Frankel (center) crew down from Pittsburgh, this time without Mike (AKA Chief).  That's Sandy on the left and John on the far right.   After mashing up the rockfish, we caught some blues and then some croaker and spot.   We all had a good time.

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